Can't Believe I Got So Far With A Head So Empty

we don't think we're special, sir. we know everyone is.

I Listen to Music Sometimes: Reckoning (REM)

So because obviously the correct thing to do when you’re working intermittently is to find more ways to waste money, I bought a turntable. In my defense it was a birthday gift for my girlfriend, but regardless I now suddenly have an entire new format to buy my music collection on.

I woke up bright and early at the crack of 10 and headed down to my friendly neighborhood insufferable hipster record store and picked up the first clutch of what I’m sure will be a gigantic cash sinkhole

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and when it comes to zulf’s theme, all i can say is jesus fucking christ.

mother, i’m here

i think my favorite part of zia’s song is that its a very pretty little ballad about the ura coming to get your rock-piling cael ass

yeah you build that wall reeeeaaal strong, friend. we’ll be along shortly.

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its kind of weird, but the thing that stuck out most in that pitchfork article on janelle monae was that she got fired from a job for updating her myspace on the clock.

I can totally related to that, he said to himself as he posted on tumblr at work.

so I read that jody rosen review of The Electric Lady that’s being passed around. it’s pretty much what I’ve come to expect from music journalism - compulsive hyphenated pigeonholing  and namedropping with a point tacked on the justify the exercise. 

I can’t get too mad at the format, because honestly I think you might need to indulge in all that crap to keep your critical license current. and while I disagree with his assessment that it’s an “intermittently thrilling failure”, that’s largely a matter of taste. 

what really rankles me is the extent to which he misses the  point of the Cindy Mayweather conceit. he dismisses it as dopey messianism and an attempt to jump straight into being hailed as genius. I don’t know how one can look at the situation here - a black artist writing about dehumanization, commodification, and the criminalization of her mere existence - and conclude that it’s frivolous. 

moderat show at club nokia last night. commentary from the band:

"so this is the part of the show where something usually goes wrong"

"sasha, this is a live show. you have to press the keys"

fyf 2013 - omar souleyman is 20 minutes late for a 45 minute set. overheard from teh crowd - “SOMEONE GO GET OMAR! HE’S SEEING MGMT!”

fyf 2013 - my bloody valentine is literally too face-meltingly loud for electronics. sounds cuts out repeatedly to the point where eventually shields hits a note on the guitar and asks the audience if they can hear it.